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Hair Salons Middletown Ct

Micro Braids Middletown Ct

Total Hair Care for all Cultures

If you are looking for a warm and friendly beauty salon atmosphere with top-notch hair stylists and excellent customer service, you will find it at The Main Switch Beauty Salon, a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon. Conveniently located at 390 Washington St., Middletown, Connecticut, the Main Switch Beauty Salon offers a cozy, relaxed environment for all its clients.

Our full-service beauty salon specializes in you, the guest.  At the Main Switch Beauty Salon we :

  • Educate guests on different hair types
  • Hold hair care  and product knowledge sessions for guests.
  • Work with all hair types and hair textures.
  • Specialize in bi-racial hair and haircare education.

We work as a salon team and want to be comfortable and relaxed
with your choices.

Together we accept the challenge of creating a genuine, friendly, high quality beauty salon.
Hair Salons Middletown Ct|Braids Middletown Ct|
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