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Micro Braids Austin Tx

Micro Braids Austin Texas

Find Braiding Salons in the Austin Texas area for all of your hair braid needs here online.  If you are looking for a micro braiding salon in the Austin Tx area,kinky twists in Austin,hair braids in Austin,braiding salons in Austin and hair twists in the Austin area, Nonye Hair braiding is a full service braiding salon in the Austin Texas area.

We have experience in starting dreadlocks, maintaining dreadlocks, comb twisting and curling, African hair braiding, twisting with and without hair. Some of the other styles under our portfolio include cornrows, straw sets, tree braids, micro braids the list goes on and on. Some of our clients come from San Antonio, Killeen, Waco and El Paso.

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There has been a huge buzz in some circles regarding tree braids and I thought that I should show some of the styles and effects that can be achieved by treeb braids. Tree Braids are a unique braiding style and requires special skillsets; many people claim that they can do it, but only a few truly know how to tree braid. I think that I should let the pictures speak for themselves

Keeping up with other life’s numerous demands. Lately, many people have been coming to my salon to inquire about tree braids. I am sorry for not writing for some time now. I have been overwhelmed by the demands of running a business. There are already a lot of write ups on them over the Internet, so I won’t stress them anymore than I should. Rather, I would use this occasion to share some step-step pictures of some tree braids that I did with the hope that you learn more about them through my pictures.

Call us today and schedule your appointment at Nonye Hair Braiding in Austin Texas.

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